GoRPG Web Extension

Quick Guide

Real Dice, Online Games! The GoRPG chrome extension integrates your connected GoDice with Roll20, Foundry VTT, and Discord native chats, and seamlessly sends your physical rolls to your online group!

Supported Platforms

  • Roll 20 icon

    Join a Roll20 session, connect your GoDice and start rolling. Set your modifier using the floating GoDice tab near the chat box before you roll.

    * Use the D&D 5e checkbox if using D&D 5e character sheets for enhanced design. Watch tutorial
    Roll 20 image
  • Foundary VTT icon

    Join a Foundry VTT game session, connect your dice and start rolling. Set your modifier using the slider beneath the chat.

    * Setting modifier is available on fixed chat only (floating chat does not support it).
    Foundary VTT image
  • Discord icon

    Connect any Discord channel using a webhook. For further instructions go to the GoRPG Discord Connection page , where you can set your connection, configure your dice, and set modifiers before you roll.

    Watch tutorial

GoFigure Your Dice

Main Image
Plus icon

Connecting your GoDice

Click the Plus icon icons to open the Chrome Bluetooth dialog and connect your GoDice. Once connected the die will blink a purple light.

If it connects with a red light it means low battery.

Dice name

Your GoDice are numbered according to their connection slot and named by their pips color.

Thunder icon

Battery status

Battery status is updated upon clicking the extension’s icon.

Send dice outcomes to everyone

Uncheck this when awaiting your turn to prevent mistaken roll submissions.

Whispering your dice outcomes to the GM is also available in some platforms.

Setting your shells

Once you have successfully assembled your shells simply click the small icon of the shell you’re using for the selected die.

Set shell
wifi icon

Lost Connection?

In cases of disconnected dice, you’ll see this icon. Click it to reconnect. Registered dice that lost connection will automatically try to reconnect upon opening the extension window.

How to Assemble your GoDice RPG Shells


Open the shell using the opening notch under the bold number.

Opening notch


Pay attention to the transparent engraved numbers inside each half of the opened shell. You will find a 5 on one half, a 2 on the other half and a little 1 on each.


When inserting the GoDice, match the faces to the shell’s inner marks: facing 5, and the facing toward you.



Make sure to close the two halves in the correct orientation - with the black rounded magnets facing one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Connection Issues

GoDice works on Bluetooth and is built for close connections for power optimization. Ensure your computer’s Bluetooth is working properly, open your laptop lid, and keep your dice within 6 feet of your device.

Every time you open the GoRPG extension pop-up, it will look for registered dice that disconnected and will automatically reconnect them if available. Also, clicking on a disconnected die icon will attempt to reconnect that die again.

The browser will let you open the Bluetooth connection popup only on secured sites.
To use the dice with FoundryVTT, the server you are playing in must have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Verify the domain you are playing on has an https:// at the start.
Find more information here: Secure Sockets
And here:

Supported Platforms

We currently only support these three - Roll20, Foundry VTT, and Discord, as these are the most popular. Feel free to suggest any other platforms, and we might look into them for future versions.

We recommend you connect your dice using the extension popup only on a single platform tab at a time. If you connect to one platform on one chrome tab, then open another supported platform on another tab, the dice will act on this additional tab, sending their outcomes using the focused tab modifier. However, the extension will only read the configuration controls from the first connected tab. We strongly suggest avoiding multiple platforms being opened simultaneously, as this might lead to unexpected bugs and double reading of your dice rolls.

At the moment it is not. The extension is completely free and was built using the GoDice API. We are, of course, open to suggestions for improvements and more features.

Dice Functionality

When it comes to modifiers, each platform has a slightly different interface.
Roll20: Set your modifier using the little GoDice tab found next to the chat’s text box.
Foundry VTT: Set your modifier using the slider at the bottom of the chat. Please note the modifier’s slider is present only on fixed chat. Foundry VTT’s floating chat does not support it.
Discord: Set the modifier on the GoRPG Discord Connection Page. The modifier controller is a floating element, you can resize the window to be as small as possible, and the modifier control will stay visible and usable without taking up too much screen space.

Yes, you can! When rolling 2d20 (either together or in a row), it reads it as an advantage roll, adding the modifier once the second die is fully stable, and presents results in an advantage template.

Sure it can. For the given example - Set your modifier to +4, then simply roll your d8 three times in a row, letting it get stable before shaking again and again. How does it work? Any roll made is immediately sent to the group’s chat as a simple text. A timer will start running as dice get stable. Any roll made within that time will count in and reset the timer. Once you wait 2 seconds, you’ll get the final modified result.

Yep, though, unfortunately, for the time being, the modifier will be the same for both rolls.
How does it work? Any set of dice you roll will be combined and calculated as a single result, except for d20 dice. Dice of d20 are counted separately and can be read as single or as a set of two for cases of dis/advantage rolls.
For example: Set your modifier to +4, roll a d20(17) and a d8(4), then another d8(7). You will get two following results:
Attack chek: 21 (d20[17+4])
Damage: 15 (2d8[4+7+4])