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Equipped with brains and connectivity, AI, a companion app, and interactive experiences, the timeless classics come to phygital life.


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"A Rubik’s Cube is the perfect childhood toy. And how do you improve on perfection? With the GoCube."

"GoCube gives hope to the hopeless with instructions for solving it, even when it’s royally screwed up."

"GoCube have given the Rubik’s Cube a new lease of life. It's no longer just for the gifted, it’s now for everyone!"

"This pocket-sized puzzle is fun for new and experienced cubers alike and teach you to solve it in no time."

"It’s a joy to spin the faces; even my other modern smart cube puzzles don’t feel quite so slick."

"Rubik's Cube just got upgraded with GoCube. This is an endless brainteaser that makes screentime more active."

"It'll keep their brain sharp and give them with a cool new party trick to show off."

"Once you get your hands on a GoCube you probably won't be able to put it down."

"If they like Rubik's cubes, the cool Rubik's Connected will help them learn the technique and even compete virtually. It connects using Bluetooth & allows them to learn how to solve it, play minigames, and battle other players. It's a great STEM gift, too."

Play together with the worlds smartest toys.

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Unlock the Secrets of Cubing


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Show appreciation for your team with a unique and memorable gift. Customize award-winning products GoCube and GoDice with your brand logo. Perfect for employees, partners, and event gifting! Contact us for more information on bulk purchases.

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