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Inviting Rubik's Cube Solvers...

Get A FREE GoCube - Smart Connected Cube and

Join us for an exhilarating event where participants race against the clock to solve the Cube.
Take a Chance to Win Awsome Prizes!!!

Step 1: Registration

Fill out this simple registration form to enter. We will ask for your contact details + company information to ensure you receive your FREE cube and important updates and notifications. 

Step 2: Competition Types

First you will compete against your colleagues for the coveted spot to represent your company.
Then the competition expands globally and you compete against the top cubers from other companies! 

Step 3: Competition Rounds

You will have 5 attempts to solve the GoCube. It’s all about speed, efficiency and finding the optimal algorithms to conquer the cube quickly.

Step 4: Leaderboard

Watch the live leaderboard to track your progress and see your ranking. 

Step 5: Prizes!

As you climb the ranks, you’ll get closer and closer to winning the prizes. Not to mention gaining the much deserved recognition for wiping out all the competition 🙂 

Competition Rules

  • The competition consists of 5 rounds of GoCube solving.
  • Each participant has 5 attempts to solve the cube.
  • Each of these solve times will be recorded.
  • Timing starts when the participant touches the GoCube and ends when the Cube is fully solved.
*Any manipulation or tampering with the Cube after the solve is completed may result in disqualification.

For this competition,

We will supply you with the best-selling GoCube!

GoCube is a Smart & Connect Cube that connects to your phone/tablet and tracks your moves in real-time.

GoCube can help you learn how to solve the Cube, play games, and battle with friends cubers around the globe.

This cutting-edge smart cube not only captures your solves but also provides real-time feedback, statistics, and insights to improve your solving skills… and it has an online battle mode!