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The Ultimate Gift for Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season!

“GoCube is Truly a Game-Changer!
One of the most unique toys on the market.”

More Than a Gift: GoCube's Global Impact on Mindful Play

The pursuit of the perfect gift has just gotten much easier.. Good for all ages, and budgets –  make the ordinary extraordinary with GoCube, the modern, smart upgrade to the classic puzzle cube. There is a reason that the cube is the best selling toy of all time. With the promise of endless engagement and intellectual challenge, the GoCube’s advancements to the original has already been enjoyed by over 500,000 new cubers, worldwide! 

It isn’t just a gift; it unlocks critical thinking skills, focus and improve memory. 

Global Recognition and Community

Boasting over 500,000 enthusiasts from 100 countries and showered with honors like the Mom’s Choice, Parent’s Choice, and the Tillywig Toy (Brain Toy) awards, GoCube is not merely a gift; it’s a gateway to a realm of intellectual stimulation and enjoyment.

When the GoCube first launched, it quickly went viral with 1000’s of owners posting their satisfying clips of their first time solving the cube. Children, adults, (even some grandparents!)… 

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Even a 6-year-old kid can solve the Cubewith the help of GoCube

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A New Spin on a Classic Puzzle

The GoCube isn’t just a toy; it’s a thrilling adventure waiting to unfold. This smart cube brings a fresh spin to the timeless puzzle, offering an interactive, educational, and downright fun experience to users of all ages. Whether you’re a puzzled beginner or a cubing wizard, GoCube has something for everyone.

This revolutionary cube provides the same challenge as the original, but updated with brains & cool tech. 

With a sleek, premium design, GoCube entices from the get-go. As you unbox this unique gift, you’re not just revealing a cube; you’re unlocking a world of endless possibilities. The GoCube is a beacon of innovation, redefining the way we interact with puzzles.

Connected Experience: A Journey Toward Cubing Mastery

The smart connectivity via Bluetooth allows seamless interaction with the companion app, which becomes your guide through the enthralling journey of cubing. The app is more than just a digital manual; it’s your personal tutor, game challenger, and a gateway to a global community of cubers.

As you delve into the interactive tutorials, each step is a leap towards mastering the cube. The experience is not about reaching the end, but enjoying the intellectual voyage. The app meticulously tracks your progress, pinpointing areas for improvement, making the learning process engaging and rewarding.

The Perfect Gift Awaits: An Adventure in Every Turn

Your search for the perfect gift ends here. These smart cubes aren’t just presents; they’re experiences, journeys, challenges waiting to be conquered. With a GoCube or a Rubik’s Connected in hand, the recipient is not merely receiving a toy, but an invitation to a vibrant community, a brain-boosting tool, and a world of fun and competition.

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Benefits of the GoCube on Mental Health

Increased Reaction Time

Doing the Rubik’s Cube can help individuals recognize patterns and determine future actions. A study conducted by Geriatric Psychiatry showed that adults who work on puzzles on a regular basis typically have an 8 millisecond faster cognitive response time.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

The hands must be able to keep up with the mind’s calculations to successfully solve a Rubik’s cube. Increasing the connection between the brain and hands improves the solving time and users of the GoCube learn to solve it quicker overtime. This requires simultaneous use of the memory and hand-eye coordination, and with practice, can improve your speed.

Expand Attention Span

Mastering a Rubik’s Cube requires retaining several sequences of moves and when to use them. Beginning to play with GoCube early helps young kids learn to focus intently on a project for an extensive amount of time. It aids in building a powerful memory.

Growth in Problem Solving Skills

A research project in Gale Academic Online included 25 participants, where 10 of whom were experienced Rubik’s Cube solvers and 15 who were not were observed in their adjustment behaviors to new and different situations. The experienced puzzle solvers were more willing to  adjust and think of solutions much quicker than the others and lead them to act faster.  

Added Long Term and Short Term Memory

Mastering a Rubik’s Cube requires retaining several sequences of moves and when to use them. Beginning to play with GoCube early helps youngsters to learn to focus intently on a project for an extensive amount of time and builds a powerful memory.

And Much More!

Teamwork & Collaboration


 Independent Learning

 Personal Achievement

 Self Confidence.

The Best Smart Cube in the World

What Does The GoCube Can Do For You?

Join GoCube Academy for a fun and interactive learning journey. Learn to solve the Cube in 1 hour!

Level up with accurate stats and tracking that enables you to improve your times and moves.

Match up and compete with friends or strangers.
VS Mode, Leaderboards, Live competitions.

Embark on missions or use the cube as a controller to play mini-Games, Missions and 3rd Party Games.

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Compete and Conquer

The competitive spirit of cubing shines brightly with GoCube. Engage in real-time battles with friends or take your skills to the global stage. The leaderboard awaits the finest cubers, is it your turn to top the charts?

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to complete one of these? Definitely look at grabbing a @go.cube! Over the holiday season I'll learn how to solve it!

Jayden Rodrigues

Zakeriah is absolutely loving this and can't wait to tell all his friends about it when he goes back to school. If you have a gamer in the house then this is a must have.

Shereen H

Did you have a Rubix Cube as a kid growing up? How cool is this one ® Madison loves all kind of challenges from puzzles to games, now she got one that really gets her brain ticking- the GoCube Smart Rubik Cube.

Jasmin Lim

My little brother can solve a Rubik cube, so this gives me the perfect tool to train up and beat him! It's a great gift idea for people who love games and puzzles, but maybe want a little break from sitting in front of a screen all day!

Sammy F.

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