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Experience the Magic: Unleash Your Imagination with GoDice RPG

“GoDice RPG has made our virtual tabletop games so much better! Also no more wasting time on calculations in the in person games”

Unboxing the Magic: Embark on a Journey of Adventure and Wonder

In the vast expanse of the digital realm, two friends, David and Matt, found themselves drawn together by their shared love for tabletop role-playing games. Little did they know that their paths would converge in a wondrous adventure, fueled by the power of the GoDice RPG.

David’s heart pounded with anticipation as he unboxed the GoDice RPG set. The weighty dice felt like artifacts of ancient lore in his hands, a treasure waiting to be unearthed. He swiftly connected them to his computer, eager to embark on an epic campaign.

Meanwhile, across the virtual landscape, Matt was preparing for his own escapade. With excitement coursing through his veins, he unboxed his own set of GoDice RPG, marveling at their exquisite craftsmanship. He too connected them to his device, eager to dive into a realm of limitless possibilities.

As fate would have it, their virtual paths converged, and David and Matt found themselves embarking on a shared journey through Roll20. The clattering of their synchronized dice echoed through the virtual realm, a harmonious chorus that united them in their quest.

The Dance of Fate: Emotions Unleashed

“By the power of Pelor!” David exclaimed while snaching and shaking for d6s, flickering in bright light, his voice filled with awe. “OH! I can feel the magic of these dice coursing through my vains… Take that you ugly goblins!”

Matt nodded in agreement, his eyes shining with anticipation. “Indeed. The GoDice RPG has breathed new life into our online sessions. It’s as if we can reach out and touch the very essence of our characters’ trials and triumphs.”

With a flick of their wrists, the dice danced across the virtual tabletop, invoking a sense of wonder and excitement. The clattering sound and tactility of the GoDice RPG added a new dimension to their gameplay experience, infusing it with a touch of enchantment. Every roll made by David or Matt became a moment of anticipation  for the rest of the group, as if the fate of their characters hung in the balance.

Each roll of the dice carried a surge of emotion, immersing them deeper into the world they had crafted. At one point, David’s heart swelled with triumph as he exclaimed, “Critical hit! These dice truly amplify the exhilaration of the game. It’s like we’re channeling our character’s essence with every roll.”

Matt’s laughter rang through Roll20 as he rolled the glowing dice. “Ha! A natural 20! The GoDice RPG elevates the suspense and drama of our adventures. It’s like we’re living in a gripping story unfolding before our very eyes.”

Matt and David told me they became more connected with their characters and their fate, experiencing the highs of victory and the lows of their failures with every roll. GoDice became conduits for their emotions, infusing the virtual realm with a profound sense of realism. Joy, excitement, disappointment, and determination coursed through their veins, transforming them into living vessels of their characters’ journeys.

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Even Players that Hate VTT gamingLove the GoDice RPG

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Join the Community:Forge Friendships and Share Unforgettable Memories

The magic of GoDice RPG extends beyond the confines of your gaming table.

After interviewing Matt and David, I discovered a vibrant community of like-minded adventurers eager to share in their tales. As word spreads of epic adventures, others flock to experience the immersive gameplay that GoDice RPG provides. I also saw D&D players, who prefer the real gaming experience, try the GoDice RPG in their round table games for GoDice’s auto-calculations (using the companion app).

So I challenge you to embrace the power of the GoDice RPG and embark on a journey that transcends the virtual realm. Connect with friends, unleash your imagination, and experience the magic that lies within the roll of the dice. Let GoDice RPG be your gateway to thrilling adventures, where triumphs and trials shape your destiny.

Are you ready to experience the magic?

How Does it Work?

The GoDice RPG is a masterpiece of innovation, a cutting-edge technology bringing timeless charm of shaking and rolling the dice into tabletop role-playing games of the digital era or in real-life games with friends. With a sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship, these dice are not merely tools, but works of art. Each dice is equipped with motion sensors and Bluetooth connectivity, seamlessly integrating with your favorite virtual tabletop platforms.

The dice and their outcomes on-screen mirror the physical dice, creating immersive gameplay like never before. It offers advanced features such as automatic calculations for modifiers, critical hits, and fumbles, saving you valuable time during gameplay. With its quick charging and intuitive interface, the GoDice RPG is ready to accompany you on countless adventures, enhancing your gaming experience and adding an unparalleled touch of enchantment to your tabletop journeys.

With the GoDice RPG Shells, you can transform your  set of GoDice (d6) into a full RPG dice set (D20, D12, D100, D10, D8, D4) for both online and offline role-playing games. Experience the power of these innovative shells that seamlessly integrate with the GoDice companion app and popular gaming platforms, providing real-time feedback and eliminating the strugle of complex calculations.

With a patented premium design, magnetic lock, and captivating lights, these shells bring a new level of excitement and style to your gaming sessions. 

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Unveiling GoDice RPG: Where Reality Meets Fantasy in Epic Adventures!

Engage in the unique fusion of physical and digital realms with GoDice RPG. Dive into collaborative storytelling, guided by real-time feedback and automatic calculations. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to tabletop adventures, GoDice provides accessible exploration on leading Virtual Tabletop platforms. Join global adventurers and be a part of the future of roleplaying with GoDice RPG!

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What are the Benefits of the GoDice RPG?

Elvate Your gaming Experience

By introducing physical dice rolling, the Godice RPG merges digital and real-life gaming, creating a tangible connection to traditional tabletop play. This adds anticipation, authenticity, and a nostalgic thrill to the virtual experience.

Real-Time Feedback and Auto-Calculations

GoDice’s automatic calculations and real-time feedback simplify gameplay by swiftly handling complex modifiers and advantage rolls, freeing players to fully enjoy immersive storytelling and strategic decision-making during their tabletop adventures.

Sleek Design Aesthetics

GoDice comes with custom-designed RPG shells of D20 and D24 (Dice with 20 and 24 faces)! These two generic shapes cover ALL common dice set. Turn your GoDice (D6) into a connected polyhedral dice (D20, D12, D100, D10, D8, D4) for online and offline Role Playing Games

Smooth Collaboration, Easy Access, Anywhere

GoDice simplifies complex calculations, fostering collaborative exploration as players delve into intricate narratives and strategic decisions—whether in digital or real-life games. Its user-friendly interface welcomes newcomers and experienced players alike, inviting a diverse range of participants to effortlessly immerse themselves in the captivating world of roleplaying.

GoDice Official Partners

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Whats Inside the GoDice RPG?

Charging case + 6 Dice
Each die is equipped with 3D sensors, wireless connectivity, a colorful light system, and instant 10 secs charging solution that enables 2 hours of gameplay.

Velvet Pouch
An exclusive travel pouch.

Shells With Leather-like Bag
Set of D20, D12, D100, D10, D4 and a beautiful premium bag.

Mobile/Tablet Stand
Using the companion app for calculations? put your tablet/mobile on a stand for the best convenience. 

Tap into the Potential of D20 Connected and Harness its Power

The D20 Connected, is the first smart and connected RPG die. Finally! Your ultimate choice for your next online adventure.

Connect your GoDice D20  to your favorite online platform, toss the die, and get instant automatic results. Enjoy the haptic feel of rolling your own real dice, while playing online. The D20 Connects and integrates with most popular RPG online platforms: Roll20, FoundryVTT, Discord. 

D20 Connected has a premium design of a classic RPG die, packed with cool tech – Bluetooth, 3D sensors, 10 second charging,  and a colorful light system, to track and calculate your rolls instantly on your platform of choice. It’s a “magical” GoDice D6 smart die shelled in a Polyhedral shell (20 faces).

Customer Reviews

I bought a set of RPG GoDice after seeing the dice in action in the FoundryVTT demo.

I'd forgotten how much I missed rolling dice in my games! Now my players feel the suspense when they see the Gamemaster is rolling dice... in chat. I liked them so much I just bought a 2nd D20 and plan on getting my brother a set.

Realism in Digital Play (Mark E.)

GoDice enhanced our Roll20 experience significantly. Their value was evident in the integration. The game now flows smoother, without manual calculations. I like that these dice also fit into our in-person sessions with the app's auto calculations.

Seamless Auto Calculation (Michel B.)

GoDice transformed our online play on Roll20. The seamless integration ensures effortless dice rolls and stats tracking, even remotely. These dice have become an indispensable part of our in-person sessions, enhancing the gaming experience.

Enhanced Digital Play (John D.)

Lots of good stuff. Rolling dice is part of the fun of the hobby, so bringing that to our digital world is wonderful. It's been responsive, the physical shell is rather cute, and I like the lights.

Stylish Shekk Design (Emily S.)

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