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RPG Dice Set

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Real Dice Packed With Cool Technology

Get to know the World’s First Connected RPG Dice!

What's In The Box

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GoDice App

Instant Calculations For the Flow of the Game and Flawless Combat Moments

RPG smart connected dice combine the haptic satisfaction of rolling real dice with rapid auto-calculation of your outcomes to keep the action going.

Turn Your GoDice into Connected Polyhedral Dice

GoDice comes with custom designed RPG shells of D20 and D24 (Dice with 20 and 24 faces)! These two generic shapes cover ALL common dice set. Turn your GoDice (D6) into a connected polyhedral dice (D20, D12, D100, D10, D8, D4) for online and offline Role Playing Games.

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Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

How can I tell which dice on-screen are linked to which dice on the table?

Some games use the connected dice pips colors to help you manage. Others don't, though you can always tap on any die on the screen to light up its linked die LED lights and detect it. Cool, right?

Can we take back an action that were caused accidentally when passing the dice during a game?

Yes, you can! Use the Undo button to reverse the latest moves (exists in most games). Find it next to each game's menu button or next to the scoring button.

Does it cost money to download the GoDice™ app?

Nope. The GoDice™ app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple and Google App Stores.

How much charging cycle does a die have?

Because it's powered by a super capacitor, you can enjoy hundreds of thousands of charging cycles.

Which device is compatible with the app?

For an optimum experience, we recommend using a tablet or an IPad (VERSIONS)
HUAWEI devices cannot pair with more than 3 dice in parallel.

Do I need my Bluetooth on?

Yes. GoDice needs your Bluetooth to be able to connect.

Can I connect the dice to multiple devices?

Yes! You can connect your GoDice to multiple devices but you cannot use it on multiple devices simultaneously.

How do I know which dice are charged/connected?

Any charged die instantly connects to the app, from which you can see its power level, and command it to “blink” (allowing you to identify each die individually).

What is the Difference between the GoDice 6Pack and GoDice 2Pack?

Both The GoDice 6 Pack and GoDice 2 Pack are the same apart for the number of dice in each pack. The die of each product is the same size/weight and contains the same hardware.(note that GoDice 6Pack comes with a battery charger while GoDice 2Pack comes with a USB charger).