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WHERE IS THAT DICE? – No More Missing Dice. No More crawling under the couch to find that missing (& dusty!) dice. Shake those GoDice and watch them move around the tray until they land on your winning numbers.

ABOUT YOUR TRAY – The GoDice Tray feels like a smooth flexible leather to the touch,  It is generously sized, yet portable, for easy game playing at home AND on the go. When not in use it is compactly rolled to be stored or can roll over the dice set for convenient storage and travel. The perfect add-on for the GoDice set.

Best used together with the GoDice Throwing Cup

Measurements: 15x11x4 cm

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Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Does the GoCube come pre-charged?


We still recommend charging the cube before first use (should take approximately 2 hours), just because we know you won’t be able to put it down after you start playing with it 😊.

Battery and Charging Recommendation

GoCube works on a small lithium polymer rechargeable battery.

Such batteries may be damaged if the cell's voltage gets below a critical threshold, thus it is highly recommended to charge your GoCube once in a while to keep it above "0%", also when stored and not used for a long time (the charging frequency depends on typical usage).

Where do I find my accessories? (charging cable, etc.)

When you open the box, pull down the left compartment (where it says “Thank You”), and the “Goodies Inside” sleeve will be revealed.    

Once you pull it down, you will also find your Product Information Guide and Quick Start Guide, hiding in the slip.  

How do I turn the cube on/off?

The cube will turn on once you connect it to the app.

When not connected to the app, the cube's battery is in a sleep state, which barely consumes any energy.

How do I charge the cube?

You connect the charging cable to the four holes in the central yellow panel.

Can I charge the cube without the stand?

Of course! The stand is there to make your cube rest like a champ when not in play 

How do I know how much battery I have left?

You can check your battery life on the upper right side in the app.

How much time does it take to fully charge my GoCube?

It takes about 2 hours to charge your GoCube.

The cube should glow with 5 seconds or so gap to indicate charging.

Is it safe to leave my GoCube charging for a long time?

There is no problem to leave your cube charging for as long as you’d like.