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Dice Games, Come Alive!

Bringing the best dice games of all time to the 21st century

Real Dice, Digital Game

GoDice are a set of smart connected dice that turn your tablet into an interactive board game. With physical dice and digital games, its a new magical playing experience, bridging generations, turning screen time into a joint quality time.

Gameroom On The Go

The sleek and compact design of GoDice allows you to carry tons of games and family activities in your pocket, making it perfect for travel.

Play Together,
Play Smart

With seamless connectivity to a companion app, GoDice offers a library of quality content for all ages. Play together, play smart, and have fun!

The world's first Connected RPG Dice

Experience the world's first connected RPG dice by using GoDice with our unique RPG shells. GoDice instantly and automatically run long calculations and seamlessly integrate into popular VTT platforms.

The world's first Connected RPG Dice

Choose Your Favorite Online Platform & Roll Real Dice!

Play your campaign online, without giving up on rolling the real dice! Integrates with Roll20, Foundry VTT, and Discord chats.

Online Campaigns, Real Die.
The D20 Finally Comes To LIFE!

GoDice Packs

The Full
GoDice Experience

The GoDice Full pack offers the complete and premium GoDice Experience with full selection of games, premium case, giftable package and selection of accessories.

Fun two pack!

Smart and compact design of GoDice
2 Pack, with the super fun collection of games, makes it a perfect choice to enter the world of connected dice games.

GoDice RPG Bundle

GoDice RPG Bundle will turn your GoDice (D6) Into Connected Polyhedral Dice (D20, D12, D100, D10, D8, D4) for online and offline Role Playing Games. Includes GoDice Full Pack + GoDice RPG Shells Set.


Each dice is equipped with 3D sensors, wireless connectivity, colorful light system and instant 10 secs charging solution that enable 2 hours of gameplay!

Peek At OurĀ Games

A rich library of games: Educational games, Games for Kids, Games for Family and Games for Adults. The digital screen becomes a cool innovative board game, with sounds, animations and effects bringing new life to classic games as well as to new ones.